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Discovering the Truth about sex, dating, and relationships
from the Creator of love

By God's design, we were created with a deep longing to be loved.

But where can I find true love, anyway?

And how do I help my teen figure out what Godly romance is?

The Search and The Source study helps teens build the skills needed for healthy dating relationships and empowers parents to lead meaningful discussions about true love and sex. Each lesson highlights God-honoring principles of dating and romance, while examining God’s purpose for love – and how He uses it as a picture of the Gospel.

The Search and the Source Workbooks

Six lessons tailored to your unique perspectives

The Search and the Source parent teen journal study books by Melissa Hopper

Three Parts - One Book

The Search and The Source book consists of three parts:

  • the Teen Workbook,
  • the Parent Workbook,
  • and the Shared Journal to bring it all together.

Each workbook is written with the different perspectives of teens and parents in mind. The Shared Journal brings the two together!